Muntjac Cottage Details

Muntjac Cottage is all ground floor. We renovated this beautiful old cottage last year ( built in the early 1800's). It is a possibility that at some point in its early life it was a thatch cottage due to the shape of the roof. Also that it is a stud and mud cottage, which at the time of the early 1800's there used to be a few in Lincolnshire. We had to have some new plastering done but have retained as much of the old as possible to keep that old charm. There is an old well in the garden that is concreted over. But we are hoping for next year 2018 this will be built up and made a feature with lights as I believe there are maybe only ours and one or two old wells left around our village. It will have safety grills.

The Ingle Nook fireplace where the wood burner is would have been the fireplace and next to it would have been the oven. We are not sure how old the quarry tiled floor in the living room is but it is very old, and the tiles in the kitchen probably early 1930's.

We decided on Wild life themed as we felt Muntjac Cottage did not need a modern look but something that was different. We felt that as our area had so much wild life that we would tastefully bring it in to Muntjac. Outside too we have planted small wild flower gardens. During the day you can sit outside and watch the birds on the bird feeders, or the bees etc on the flowers. At night we have provided solar changing lights to give the garden a romantic magical feeling, while you have a BBQ sat on the swing hammock or relaxing in the recliners ..... a special touch for your holiday. 

When it came to choosing bedding I went for high quality 100% cotton sheets so not only do you get a bottom sheet you also get a top sheet plus lovely quilts, just that added touch of luxury.

Muntjac Cottage is Christmas themed from the last week in November with a live Christmas tree outside the door with soft lights. The eaves of the cottage have soft lights too giving it that Christmas Chocolate box look. Inside the fireplace is decorated and a Christmas tree in the corner of the living room and a few other tasteful things.   

We tried to think of everything that you may need while on your holiday......  we think that you will find Muntjac Cottage very well equipped